Do you want to generate more revenue for your actual eComm clients?

This is for agencies, martech experts or eComm consultants that need to improve their eCommerce client's customer acquisition, retention, and customer lifetime value.

Earn Passive Revenue
Better Results
Powerful Differentiator

Allow your eComm clients to make more money from their most valuable customers,
who will buy more often and spend more when they buy from them.

Why should you join us?

Help clients succeed
Understand their most valuable customers with our A.I. to improve the conversion of your customer's campaigns.
A strong advantage
Our Partner Program fits everyone from an established business to just starting. We give you all necessary tools and resources.
Special Discounts
We have plans and pricing options that are available exclusively to our partners.
Unlock a new revenue stream
Earn passive income for each client you refer to us. You get the best results from your client's campaign, and they sell more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I became a partner?

First, you have to complete your email in the box below; our team will send you an email with some questions and arrange a brief call in the following days.

Who can become a partner?

This partner program is for marketing agencies, martech experts, and consultants that want to provide better services for their eCommerce clients.

Do you have special pricing for partners?

Yes. We have special plans and pricing options that are available exclusively to our partners.

How Does my client get started?

Your client gets started when they want. You will have a customize coupon code for all of your clients. With this, we can track all the referrals from you.

How will I get paid?

Every month we will run a report of all our new clients to identify the customized coupon codes from our partners with each merchant.

What exactly is Data4Sales?

We help eCommerce stores to understand their most valuable customers. Our A.I. recommends actionable insights that help you treat customers differently on every channel, improving retention and developing customer value.

How much D4S cost?

We have a flexible price for every merchant, we charge based on the number of customer profiles (people who have ordered from you). Feel free to contact us for more details.

Do you integrate with Klaviyo?

Yes, we can sync your segments and audiences with Klaviyo.

How does it works?

Getting started is plug and play. Simply connect your eCommerce platform and we ‘ll pull all your data, understand your customers, create beahevorial segment, recommend actions for each customers, predict the customer life time value,

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We offer our partners a revenue-share for introducing new merchant
that want to improve customer acquisition, retention, and customer lifetime value.